What is Past Life Therapy?

Past Life Therapy (PLT) is a transpersonal technique that brings to our habitual consciousness hidden traumatic experiences of this and previous lives, which from the dark of our subconscious are disturbing our current life, and in this way they can be worked on therapeutically. Basically PLT consist in bringing the unconscious conscious and, when this happens, past lives experiences arise spontaneously without need of hypnosis or induction or relaxation.

Deep in my heart I feel that PLT is a therapy for the soul, since it is the soul that hurts and it is the soul that must be healed. The source of all psychic pain, of all wrong behavior and attitude lies in the soul. By facilitating a conscious meeting with our soul, PLT not only helps us work out the pain and the emotions that disrupt our daily lives, but it also makes us understand the meaning, the reason and the importance of this life.

What are the grounds for PLT?

PLT is based on three basic premises:
• The soul’s timeless dimension.
• The direct connection existing between psychic problems in this lifetime and traumatic events occurred in previous lives, during intrauterine life and at birth.
• The natural ability that human beings have to relive consciously unresolved experiences that are hidden in the subconscious mind.

Many of the difficulties and emotional conflicts in our present life are rooted in traumatic, painful events from previous lives. These experiences are not over at the moment of death, and they leave an emotional sequela which is recorded in the innermost of our being and projects itself to all later lives.

On leaving the body, the soul may take with it a heavy burden of conflicting emotions. Fear, guilt, distress, helplessness, and other feelings become intertwined with anger, hate, rage, or a need for revenge. These emotions lie in the soul as energy.

These emotional energies give birth in turn to behavior patterns, statements from the unconscious and beliefs, stereotyped reactions and a compulsion to repetition which conditions our daily activities.

Faced with the various circumstances we have to live every day, we unknowingly react driven by these forces coming from the past. The more surprising or out of place a reaction is, the more likely it is to be an emotion originating in an event from another life. To the soul, time does not exist – everything is there, all at the same time. In fact, we are living many lives at once.

When in a certain situation, we react emotionally without being able to help it, it is because at an unconscious level our soul is reliving an experience which has been reactivated by an analogy with the current situation. For instance, let us consider people suffering from claustrophobia. Every time they find themselves in an enclosed space, they feel distress, suffocation and a feeling of imminent death. This is what becomes objective at the physical, conscious level. But at a different level, their soul may be remembering a time they asphyxiated to death when a mine collapsed. These people are not conscious of that event, but as their souls are reliving that experience, then they experience all the physical and emotional feelings of their previous death. Every time they are faced with the possibility of getting trapped in an enclosed space, they will experience the emotional reactions of claustrophobia without their helping it.

How does Past Lives Therapy work?

The basis for the therapeutic action of PLT is to relive the original trauma; the therapeutic experience itself is called ‘regression’. By means of regression, the person relives the original traumatic event which is causing the current problem.

How can we relive the original trauma?

Personally, I work with an expanded state of consciousness, which is a state completely different from hypnosis. Expanded consciousness means being aware of the here and now at the same time as being aware in another dimension. When individuals reach their expanded state of consciousness, they meet their soul, or if you prefer, their higher Self. In this state, there is no time. All experiences are in the soul at the same time, and it is the soul that reviews its past experiences and works with them until it gets rid of the emotional energies that are disturbing it.

Being in an expanded state of consciousness is being in contact with our souls. In this state, it is possible to bring to our habitual consciousness the traumatic experience which is responsible for the current problem. When reliving the original traumatic event, people feel and experience all the feelings and emotions in their body as if they were there. If they had been pierced with a spear, they feel the pain when the spearhead cuts into their flesh. If they fell down a cliff, they feel the dizziness of the fall and the impact against the ground. If they died when a mine collapsed, they are bound to feel the suffocation, despair, panic, and asphyxia until all those feelings are exhausted. Remembering is not enough. Reliving the traumas from the past, with all their burden of emotions and feelings, is what cleanses the soul and eliminates the symptom. When the energy is released, the symptom disappears.

Although it is true that the essence of PLT is the work with our past lives, the therapeutic experience is not over here. As a rule, past lives incidents are reactivated by traumatic circumstances taking place during fetal life, birth and early infancy. If in a past life somebody was strangled to death and in their current life they were born with their umbilical cord around their neck, at the moment of birth they must have experienced the same suffocation they felt in their previous death. This event is what reactivates the emotional memory at an unconscious level which later will show as a physical symptom that cannot be resolved. In regression, we must explore and work on experiences from the early stages in our current life which could have reactivated emotional memories from our past.

What can we work on with PLT?

Basically, everything that may call for consulting a psychotherapist. Phobias, fears, distress, depression, blocks, feelings of guilt, repeated failures either emotional or material, behavior disorders, sex disorders, relationship conflicts, suicidal tendencies, and psychosomatic conditions such as allergies, bronchospasms, or psoriasis, among others.

Can psychosis be worked on? So far, my personal experience in this matter has been scarce, but I think that regression can be very helpful in this area. There are very sensitive people who are in contact with other dimension unknowingly or without proper training, and they may be invaded by intruding energies or by very powerful images and feelings from their previous lives. PLT may help in such cases to help all discriminating efforts by exhausting the energies that do not belong to the present or to this dimension.