About Dr. Cabouli

Dr. José Luis Cabouli

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1950. I was five years old when I said I would be a physician, and almost eight when I had the strong feeling that I had lived before. However, it was not until I was fifteen that I first heard about reincarnation. It was then that I started reading classical texts about theosophy and the different spiritual schools.

 In 1974 I graduated as a physician at the Medicine School in Buenos Aires University and, after serving the obligatory military recruitment period in the city of Río Gallegos, Santa Cruz, in 1976 I entered the Surgical School "Enrique y Ricardo Finochietto" at the Rawson Hospital, where I was trained in general surgery. On graduating as a surgeon, I did a training course in microvascular anastomosis in the United States and, in 1981, I started to specialize in plastic surgery in the Ramos Mejía Hospital, Buenos Aires. Microsurgery offered possibilities so far unsuspected, and I thought I had found my place in the world of reconstructive surgery. I could spend hours operating under the microscope, completely losing track of the time elapsed, and my only ambition was to become a good surgeon. Until I met my real destiny.

It was in 1986. Almost by chance, I attended a seminar on regression given by Dr. María Julia Prieto Peres, from the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Until then, I had never heard about regression or Past Lives Therapy. Despite all I had read, it had never crossed my mind to think that the concept of reincarnation could be used with a therapeutic purpose. From the very beginning I felt it was a natural, logical procedure. I started then my training in regression techniques with Dr. Prieto Peres, and I was surprised to find it so easy to work with from the very first practice. As if I had always done that. For a while, I undertook both surgery practice and past lives regression, until in 1988 I made the big decision. It was in the Ostende, Buenos Aires, seaside resort. One night I was lying on the beach, looking at the starry sky. All of a sudden, from the stars, the message came through quite clear. I had to give up body surgery and devote to soul surgery. I did not hesitate for a moment. Right then and there I decided to give up surgery and devote myself completely to Past Lives Therapy.

In 1992 I started giving training courses for professionals, based on my experience of learning surgery. Just as you learn to operate by operating, you learn to work with PLT by practicing the technique with your class mates and experiencing it on yourself. I havegiven training courses in Argentina, México, Spain and Venezuela.  So far I have imparted 58 training courses.

In 1995 I published my first book, Terapia de VidasPasadas, técnica y práctica [Past Life Therapy, Technique and Practice], in which I have tried to include my experience as a trainer and as a therapist setting the foundations for clinical practice and technique. It was followed by El Viaje del alma [Journey of the soul]; El trabajo del alma [Work of the soul]; La Vida antesde nacer [Life Before Birth]; Terapia de la PosesiónEspiritual [Spiritual Posession Therapy]; El Propósito del alma [Purpose of the soul] and Atrapamiento y recuperación del alma [Entrapment and Recovery of the Soul].

Ever since I started working with PLT, I have been constantly perfecting and simplifying the technique, reaching deeper and deeper within myself and in the soul of human beings. In recent years I have had some shamanic experiences, which have led me to make some changes in the technique allowing me to access areas in the soul which used to be forbidden. Neither PLT nor myself are the same as when we first met that day in 1986. Thirty two years have elapsed, much more time than my surgical career.

PLT has allowed me to evolve as a human being, reaching consciousness levels I would never had reached, had I continued as a surgeon. That is why I am here, to share and offer you the result of my experience gained throughout these years of working with PLT on my patients, with trained therapists and with myself. Whether through books, personal consultations, courses, or workshops, the purpose remains the same: reaching down into our innermost, healing our pain, and opening the door of consciousness that leads us to a world of love, peace, and light.