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Past Life Therapy

Terapia de Vidas Pasadas

Técnica y Práctica

Past Lifes Therapy
Technique and Practice
(In Spanish - Not yet available in English)
1st ed., Buenos Aires, Continente, 1995.
2nd ed., Buenos Aires, Continente, 1996.
223pp.; 23x15 cm - (Alternative Therapies)
ISBN 950-754-025-3

Did we live other lives before this one? Is it possible that today, in our current lives, we unknowingly react based on old, unresolved emotions?

Individuals who underwent the experience of regression have found that the symptoms and conflicts disturbing them disappeared or were resolved when they relived scenes from their previous lifes.

I have written this book with the intention to set the foundations for past lifes therapy activities.

The book, in an explicit, clear, and lively way, presents how TVP works and how to do responsible work with it.

There is a correct, safe, and effective way to use it, and that is what I show here.

From the basic concepts, origins, and evolution of TVP, through the essential technical premises, our reading leads us effortlessly and progressively to the intimate experience of regression, by means of the development of therapeutic sessions as experienced by the people involved in them.

The eighteen stories I present here are real, and they illustrate only some of the multiple possibilities offered by TVP.