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Journey of the soul

El propósito del Alma

Cuál es nuestra misión en esta vida

Purpose of the soul
Which is our mission in this life?

(In Spanish - Not yet available in English)
Ediciones Continente, Buenos Aires, 2012
192 p.; 23x16 cm.
ISBN 978-950-754-353-1


What for are we here in this life? What have we come to do? Which is our mission in this life? Which is the meaning of this life?

Absolutely all of us have a purpose to fulfill in this life. This purpose is part of the learning process, evolution and growth of our soul and constitutes the essence and the meaning of our life in the physical body.

We are here, in this world, with a precise purpose that was defined by our soul before this incarnation. The achievement of this purpose leads us to live certain experiences in this life.

In order to fulfill our purpose we need to incarnate in a physical body. This carries on numerous incidents. We will see the events that may go along with the soul’s journey from the Light and the entrance in the physical body until the moment of birth.

How is defined the purpose of the soul, how is it that are decided the beings that will be our parents. These are some of the inquiries that are revealed through the stories of people who relived the preparation of their soul’s purpose in regression.