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Spiritual possession therapy

Terapia de la Posesión Espiritual

Técnica y práctica clínica

Spiritual possession therapy
Thechnique and clinical practice

Not yet available in english
406 pp. (21,5cm x 15,2cm)
Ediciones Indigo, Barcelona, 2006
ISBN: 84-96381-36-6

Have you ever felt that there are moments in which you are not yourself? Did you ever feel as if there were another will deep inside you that would make you do things or behave in a way you did not want to do?

Is it possible that we may be influenced mentally and emotionally by means of an intrusive energy?

While practicing therapeutic regression the therapist will often discover that the symptoms presented by the patient are not related to a trauma but to the action of an intrusive energy that has invaded the subconscious of the person involved. This invasion of the subconscious has been clasically named as spiritual posession.

In this book, Dr José Luis Cabouli reveals his clinical experience along eigtheen years of therapeutic work with the spiritual posession phenomenon.