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Life before birth

La Vida antes de nacer

Viaje al origen de nuestra historia personal

Life Before Birth
A Journey to the Origin of Our Personal History
(In Spanish - Not yet available in English)
Ediciones Continente, Buenos Aires, 2000
256 pp.; 23x15 cm.
ISBN 950-754-073-3

Can a mother influence the psyche of her child before the moment of birth? Is it possible to heal emotions before we are born? Is it the same to be born by natural childbirth as by Caesarean section? What is it like to be born under general anesthetics? And with a forceps? And with our umbilical cord around our necks? What happens to the soul after pregnancy is interrupted? What do twins talk about before being born?

Life before birth is one of the most fascinating periods in our personal history.

Inside our mother’s womb, fantastic events take place, which are forever recorded in our subconscious memory, and which will later have a deep impact on our adult life.

Babies being gestated can perceive the thoughts and the slightest feelings of their mother, and react to them emotionally.

Faced with rejection, aggression, or indifference, babies may react with feelings of helplessness, hate, guilt, or panic, thus starting behavior patterns and emotional conflicts which will later show in their adult life.

But also, developing babies bring with themselves the emotional impressions of their previous lives which are reactivated by experiences that leave their mark during fetal life.

As in my previous works, the experiences included in this book come from the regression sessions of the individuals involved. None of this is theoretical. All is absolutely experiential.

Here I share with you surprising and unsuspected events of life and the active attitudes of yet-unborn babies, such as their willingness to complicate their birth when they do not feel like being born.

A revealing book for parents, therapists, obstetricians, and all those who are interested in this fascinating period of life.