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Journey of the soul

El viaje del alma

Experiencias de la vida entre las vidas

Journey of the soul
Experiences of life between lifes
Previously published as: Death and the Space Between Lifes
Regressions and Learning
(In Spanish - Not yet available in English)
1st ed. - Buenos Aires
Ediciones Continente, 1996
192 pp.;23x15cm -(Alternative Therapies and Medicine)
ISBN 950-754-028-8

What happens after death? Where do we go? Who waits for us? What is in store for us? When do we come back? Why do we come back, and what for? Do we want to come back?

Thanks to my work with TVP, I have been able to follow, step by step with each patient, the intrinsic process of death until reaching the space between lifes.

From the very onset of death, the departure of the soul from the body, the first steps in the space between lived, the rendezvous with beings of light, the evaluation of past actions, and the awareness of the learning we yet have to undergo, we are witnesses here of the journey the soul is embarked on until it reincarnates once again.

A different approach to the space between lifes through the experiences of thirty-two people who relived, in regression, several of their deaths in previous lives, and experienced the continuity of their consciousness beyond physical existence. A truly exciting experience.