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Journey of the soul

Atrapamiento y recuperación del alma

Terapia de vidas pasadas: un nuevo paradigma

Entrapment and recovery of the soul
Past Life Therapy: a new paradigm
(In Spanish - Not yet available in English)
1st ed. - Buenos Aires
Ediciones Continente, Buenos Aires, 2014
256 p.; 23x16 cm.
ISBN 978-950-754-462-0

Past lives; are they past lives or are they simultaneous lives? Is it possible to lose part of our soul in a traumatic event? And if so, is it feasible to recover the soul’s fragment that was lost?

 After having written on the basic technic, space between lives, life before birth, the purpose of the soul and the influence of lost souls in many emotional problems the author describes a newly approach to past life therapy as a consequence of his twenty seven years experience of clinical practice and over six thousand regressions conducted.

Entrapment of the soul, multiple simultaneity, loss and recovery of the soul, promises, pacts and curses are some of the concepts that give form to a new paradigm and brings a different comprehension about Past life therapy. This is a book that evolves the concept about this therapy. Being attractive and revealing for the general public it will serve as a guide for those professionals concerned with this transpersonal technic.