A twins history

By Stella Maris Borgeat, Ph. D.

I am a psychologist specialized in psychoanalysis and I have been working in obstetrics for a decade providing help to women in labor coming into the hospital.

I usually work with these women up to the puerperium (stage) but I may work with them for a bit longer when it is necessary.

After being trained in Past Life Therapy my life changed. Not only did I became aware of situations I was not able to recognize until that moment but I also started approaching the new born in a different way.

I learned that during the gestation period every important event that takes place in the mother’s life can make the fetus recall a previous experience forcing it to react in an unexpected way.

If the fetus feels in danger it is likely to protect itself against an outer aggression by curling itself around the umbilical cord or trying to delay birth in order to avoid coming to a hostile world.

The birth stage and the next few days are very important to the baby’s future. During this period whatever it is said either by doctors or by the parents may turn into commands that will affect the baby in his future life.

Since I became aware of this I started talking to babies. At the very beginning I felt a bit silly but to my surprise babies do answer.

On one occasion I asked a new born the following: "Do you remember when you were in the light and you used to play and had great fun?" Surprisingly, the baby laughed his head off. I could not believe it to my eyes!

Sometimes after birth for some reason or another the baby has to remain for a short time in the neonatology service. In this case it is extremely important to take care of whatever it is said in front of the baby, specially by doctors or nurses. We must nor forget that babies are aware of what is going on around them and so they are deeply affected by the sayings of other people.

The following experience has to do with this subject.

Peter and John were twins born by cesarean section. Each one of them had his own placenta and amniotic bag.

They were born after 37 weeks of pregnancy but due to their little weight they were considered premature.

Immediately after birth both of them were in good health. They had an apgar of 9/10, however, Peter was diagnosed as having poliglobulia (red corpuscle in excess) and John as having anemia.

When their parents were told about this situation, doctors jokingly said pointing out to Peter:

When this one was in his mother’s womb he ate everything and left nothing for his brother, that’s why John is suffering from anemia. Nevertheless, it will be easier for John to get better; we will give him a blood transfusion and that will do. But instead, it will take Peter a bit longer to recover because he has been a greedy boy!

These words were said in front of the babies. During the following days doctors kept making the same joke about Peter.

On the sixth day John got worse while Peter started showing tolerance to his mother’s milk. The following day John died and Peter refused to be fed.

As Peter kept refusing his mother’s milk, doctors decided to make more complex medical checks on him without getting any positive results so I decided to get in touch with the mother. She was very sad because she had already lost one of her babies and she was worried about the other one. She was not afraid but she would feel responsible for John’s dead since she thought that John had not been fed properly while he was in her womb.

Suddenly she asked me if it was possible that Peter could refuse to be fed because he was missing his brother. It was only then that I remembered the doctor’s words and I realized the terrible impact that these words may have had on Peter.

I started working out this situation with Peter and his parents but up to that moment I hadn’t talked to them about past life or karma so I was a bit afraid of their reaction. In addition, during those days the whole family had undergo a very traumatic life experience and unfortunately there was not much time left because Peter was getting worse every hour.

I suggested Peter’s parents to start talking to Peter about John explaining him that he had nothing to do with his brother’s death because there was enough food for both of them in the womb and that it was not his fault if John suffered from anemia since each one of them had his own placenta and umbilical cord with his own food.

I myself started talking to him like this:

Peter, do you remember when you were in your mother’s womb? You chose that exact moment to come and it was there that you met John. Both of you already knew that all this would happen. You chose this life experience for some reason I do not know; maybe because you still had something to learn. It is not true that you have eaten all of the food. You did not take your brother’s food, you are not responsible for his death. Your parents don’t blame you for John’s death, they love you a lot and they need you very much. You must feed yourself. You must go on your way. Now, look at the bright light from where you came. Look! How did you get here? John and you have shared all these months in the womb but now it is time to say good by because each one of you has to take his own way. Don’t be sad for this, you’ll met him again at some other time.

After I talked to him he started receiving his first oral take but during the night he refused it once again. His parents and I kept on talking to him. On the following day he was breast feed for the first time since he was born. From then on he continued feeding himself and soon afterwards he was able to leave hospital.

A month later I came across Peter’s mother. She was really grateful and she told me that since Peter started to feed himself she had been talking to him specially when she thought about John. She explained to Peter that in spite of her sadness she was very glad to be with him and that she loved him above all and so did his father.

This is just one of the many cases I have experienced working with new born.

I have no doubt that both, fetus and new born are aware of whatever happens around them. They understand everything that it is said in front of them and they react, as they are able to do it, just to protect themselves against doctor’s and parent’s words.

I wish that parents may find the right knowledge to conceive and to receive their children with love, wisdom and freedom.