TVP and the therapist in our current circumstances

By Dr. José Luis Cabouli, MD

We are going through a critical moment in the history of Planet Earth and Humankind. I very well know what I am saying is not new, but it is within this context of the planet and humanity that we must understand the current and future moves of TVP and every therapist.

By way of introduction, and in a few words: what is going on, beyond the horror and the everyday reality surrounding us?

In the ethereal realms to which most people do not have access, enormous forces and energies unknown to ordinary beings are moving. We have long been hearing about the change of an era. This implies many things, but we could basically say that, right now, the culmination of all karmic processes of the planet is taking place and, at the same time, we are witnessing the birth of a new mankind.

The processing of all karmic energies brings about horror and pain in different parts of our planet. There is no human force that may prevent it. This is a relentless process, beyond the control of man’s will. The actors involved in these actions are fully immersed in the darkness of hate and passions; they are very far away from the light of love and understanding. No reasoning may work here – all actors in this play are caught in the web of karma, and there is no way out. We may accompany, and provide aid and humane help in this process, but it is not possible for us, nor are we allowed, to prevent it.

At the same time that all this is taking place, the new humanity is being born. We are witnessing the birth of a new mankind and, as we can see on a daily basis, this birth has complications because the old mankind resists change and opposes this new birth. In this sense, the TVP therapist bears a great responsibility, since he/she is acting as an accoucheur –an obstetrician or a midwife–, given that every person whose pain is healed favors the birth of the new mankind.

This change in humanity will not come about by means of a revolution, or by the direct action of leaders, let alone as a result of a war. This change in humanity will result from the awakening of man’s consciousness of his true being. At the beginning of 1900, Maurice Bucke stated that the next step in man’s evolution was cosmic awareness. Man belongs to the cosmos, and this cosmos has an order that must be respected and taken care of. We are responsible for maintaining this order and this balance so that the destiny of the whole universe may be fulfilled. Personally, I assume that a therapist’s and a teacher’s task has the implicit goal of awakening consciences – of awakening cosmic awareness in the mind of man.

How could the therapist and PLT help in this context?

When people come to a therapist, they do so seeking to solve the pain or the emotional conflict haunting them. This is their primary goal, but while searching for healing these people who seek help have a great chance of finding themselves and their immortal essence. At a more ethereal level, pain is the excuse for a conscious rendezvous with the soul.

Now, the first step in therapeutic work is healing the pain. Healing means bringing light to a person’s life and soul. Healing means making them happy, and happy people, aware of their cosmic essence, wish the best for themselves and for others. Dwelling in pain nobody can grow or forgive, and the Universal Energy needs healthy, loving, luminous souls in order to carry out the evolutionary plan. Although we may not see it, there is a plan, and in order that such plan may be carried out, man must move away from ignorance and the soul’s dark night so as to recover his divine conscience. When there is pain and karmic loads pending resolution, it is extremely difficult to recognize this divine essence in each of our fellows. Evolution is very slow, and nowadays the pace has heightened. There is no time.

Work with TVP is of crucial importance at this time, because with TVP we are not only working with the soul’s pain, but we are also provoking an acceleration and transmutation of karma. Every time someone acknowledges responsibility for their past actions and stops blaming others for the events that happen to them, their karma is over. Karma is not forever; karma may be modified. Someone who contacts the karmic root of their pain is born to a new conscience, and by accepting their responsibility in the events that they have to live today, they are released from the force of karma, and start to become the owners of themselves and their destiny.

Nowadays it is no longer enough to heal the pain and the emotions disturbing a person’s life. It is no longer enough to solve phobia, fear or anguish. Patients must reach another consciousness of themselves. Once the pain is resolved, people must take responsibility for their original actions, take the power over their own destiny in their own hands, and finally awake to awareness of themselves. The change in people’s consciousness entails instant changes in their everyday environment, first in their family, and immediately afterwards in the environment in which their life develops. Thus, it has a multiplying effect; it is hard work, slow, but sure.

Obviously, every person will reach as far as they can and they want to reach. But if I, as a therapist, am aware of the transcendent possibilities of TVP, the awakening of the awareness will come over as the natural result of inner work.

Where should we then focus attention while working with PLT?

1) Attending to the reason for the visit

The person who visits a therapist comes to us with an initial goal, their immediate concern: healing their pain, whether it arises from phobia, fear, anguish, etc. I must bear in mind at all times that I am not the healer; it is the patients that go through their pain and come out healed. If patients do what they have to do, they will obtain the relief they are seeking. Many times, this is where therapeutic work ends.

2) Healing the emotional sequels of karma

We have said that work with TVP accelerates the processing of karma. However, this does not imply that our current suffering is mandatorily originated in karma. Many people believe that the problems, conflicts, or severe diseases that they suffer are some kind of punishment or karmic debt that they have to settle or expiate. There are even people who are convinced that since their suffering stems from their karma, they are to stoically put up with it, and that nothing can be done to change such situation. In theory, it may look this way, but everyday clinical practice clearly highlights that the symptoms evidenced by a person frequently enough originate in two key circumstances:

a) The experience responsible for the symptoms is that in which people ended their karma. For instance, let us imagine a person who in a past life was responsible for beheading innocent people and who, in turn, was hung to death in a later life. That death in the gallows ended their karma, but it was the origin of the suffocation and the feeling of helplessness that disturb them in their current life. In this case, the current symptoms originated as a consequence of the traumatic experience in which the people in question ended their karma. This is what I call the emotional sequel of karma.

b) The current symptoms originate in a terrible experience of victimization, which is in turn the last link in a long series of existences as a victim. A clear example of this could be the death at a concentration camp, where as we continue exploring earlier lives we could find that, before the concentration camp, the person was tortured in the Middle Ages and, before that, martyred at the Roman Coliseum. We will return to this concept a little further ahead. Also in this case, the symptoms manifested by the person are not karmic, but the emotional consequence of the different experiences as a victim.

Both situations force us to inevitably look for the real origin where everything started, the original action. This leads us into the next item.

3) Accepting responsibility for the original action

If I work consequently and the patient allows it, sooner or later I will find the experience in which the person was responsible for the original action. That is the life in which the karma forces were set in motion. Accepting responsibility for the original action is incredibly healing and liberating. It means that the patients take responsibility for the suffering imposed on their fellows, ask for forgiveness from all beings involved in the experience and, maybe the most difficult thing to do, forgive themselves. This leads us into the next step.

4) Giving up the victim role

The victim role is the one that causes most pain both to the people attending session and to those around them. The victims suffer and make others suffer. This is one of the most difficult situations to work through. Not everybody is ready to do away with this role: they do not know how not to be a victim; they do not know how to take responsibility for their own life. And there is a very important detail for a therapist to keep in mind: you cannot heal a person who finds pleasure in suffering an illness.

When we come across this pattern of behavior while working with regression, we will see that there are many lives in which one has been a victim. Our work here is not only to end the pain originated in the experiences as a victim, but to identify which is the origin of victimization – at what point the person decided to be a victim. Invariably, we will end up in a life in which the current victim was a victimizer. The original action may have been so terrible that when that life finished, the same person condemned him/herself. It is frequently the case, in situations like this, for the victimizer/victim to say something like, "There is no forgiveness from God for what I have done," or "No suffering shall be enough to pay for all I have done," or "I am guilty for all eternity." We should be careful about this, because if in the original action we find these mandates, an inevitable question comes to mind then: are the subsequent existences, those marked by suffering, really karmic or are they simply originated in one’s own mandates? There are so many traditional concepts that we still have to revisit!

No victim role may be exhausted as long as its originating mandate or decree is not found. It is not enough to work on all victim experiences; they may be countless, one derived from the other. It is necessary to reach the roots, which means facing the original fact, however terrible it may be, and uprooting all those mandates that may be recorded in the subconscious. It was those mandates which in turn originated all later experiences of pain and suffering as a victim, and which lead people into repeatedly finding themselves in situations where they are subdued and abused.

5) Working on the karmic links

Every relational conflict implies that there is a karmic event to be solved, and the healing of bonding conflicts is a way to accelerate karma and improve the quality of our everyday life. This extends beyond family bonds into all kinds of bonds, whether affective, social, workplace, circumstantial, etc. There are couples that cannot fully ripen because there is a hidden mistrust stemming from a betrayal in a previous life. There are friendships that do not thrive because the shadow of a past action projects into the present. Healing the anger with a superior officer at the workplace may mean a promotion, or a salary hike. Achieving forgiveness between two people at odds or who hate one another will release them from having to use a life again in order to solve this conflict. There are beings who drag these conflicts along for a great many lives, and still today they cannot forgive one another. If they do not forgive one another, they will find themselves in a conflictive situation in the next life. Forgiving one another today, loving one another today, is releasing themselves from karma.

6) Doing away with pacts from the past

However surprising it may seem, almost all of us have pacts from other lives that rob us of our energy, and stop or hinder our actions in life.

What is a pact? It is an agreement with another force by which we deliver our will in exchange for something. The pact may be made with a person or a society, a tribe, a sect, a brethren, a ritual, a family clan, a lover, etc. There are pacts with the darkness, or simply with a pack of thieves. In any case, a pact implies that we have surrendered our power and our will to somebody else, or to an unknown force. If we do not identify and break that pact, we will never be really whole, with all our energy at our disposal.

7) Recovering personal power

This is the consequence of all the previous work. As we detach ourselves from traumas, emotions, mandates, and pacts from other lives, we gradually recover our personal power. Recovering our personal power means being in control of our energy and our actions, thus managing our destiny free from the influence from the past. From now on, the goal is not to start a karma again which may limit us in the future.

8) Being born again

I will never insist too much about the importance of working on the birth experience. That is the time when, by analogy, the traumatic components of previous deaths are relived, and the subconscious programming of the past is reinforced. Many times, birth seems to be the continuity or the iteration of an earlier, traumatic death. Let us think of the following combinations, for example:

  • death by hanging – birth with the umbilical cord twisted around the neck
  • death by torture instruments – birth by forceps
  • death by suffocation in the tunnel of a mine – getting stuck in the birth canal
  • death in a gas chamber – birth with the mother being anesthetized with chloroform

All that was attempted in order to survive, or all that should have been done to survive in each previous death, is set in motion at the time of birth. This is how the mechanisms of survival are activated, which will later govern the behavioral patterns in adult life. What we did to survive at the time of birth will be the way we react in the critical circumstances of our life.

In order to finally complete the experiences from the past, to let go of maternal and family emotions and mandates, it is mandatory to work on the moment of birth and cut the energetic impression of the umbilical cord. Only in this way can personal power be completely recovered, and you will be able to take control of your destiny into your hands.


By working with TVP, we have the possibility to un-program the world of violence. We still carry the load of violence, hate, rancor, frustration, and pain from the past. As we gradually heal these wounds in the soul, we begin to see the light and to recognize that same light in our fellow beings. Only when we can universally recognize that "the other", whoever it is, whatever religion or color they are, is another form of ourselves, will we cease chasing and hurting one another. We will then see the love in the heart and the gaze of the other.